The Best Hair Styling Tools: Our Reviews Of The Top Ones To Use

best hair styling tools

Whoever said styling their hair on their own is difficult clearly hasn’t found the right hairstyling tools just yet. With the innovative hairstyling tools today, you can recreate what your professional hairstylist has done. With the right hairstyling tools, you can achieve the look you want for the day no matter what your hair type is without breaking the bank. 

The Best Hairstyling Tools You Should Have Right Now 

Whatever your hair woes are, you will find these hairstyling tools the best ones to add to your arsenal: 

Best Diffuser for Curly Hair

Waking up with wild, unruly hair is commonplace for people with curly hair. But you don’t have to be stuck trying to style your curly hair for hours on end. Get yourself a diffuser. 

This is one of the most underrated hairstyling tools but one you should actually have in your hair styling arsenal if you have curly hair due its ability to tame frizz. It makes curly hair a lot more manageable. It also gives more definition to your curls. Unlike with hair straightening tools that will take your hair but will also straighten it out, diffusers won’t. In fact, it will give your hair more volume and body. So, if you like your curls and want to preserve it but without the frizz, get this one. 

Our Recommendation:

Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser Adaptable for Blow Dryers

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This universal hair diffuser can fit different types of hair dryers. It has a diameter that can be adjusted for from 1.7 inches to 2.6 inches. We like the construction of this diffuser. The material is high quality and built to stand the test of time, even when you are in a hurry and use it roughly. It is eco-friendly as well and doesn’t emit the kind of plastic odor that other cheap diffusers seem to have. 

The 211 air holes integrated in this diffuser effectively diffuses heat, so you can style your hair gently without subjecting it to torturous high heat. The 3D massage prongs on this hair diffuser are even bigger than what you can find in other diffusers, which means it can hold more clumps of hair for faster diffusing. No need to spend all day styling your hair!

Best Hot Rollers

You know how difficult it is to curl your hair when you are in such a hurry? Curling your hair using a curling wand can take ages to finish, especially if you have thick hair. The solution? Hot rollers. You take clumps of your hair, roll them up in a hot roller and leave it to set. Take it off after a few minutes and you’re ready to go! Simple, easy and fuss-free. 

Our Recommendations: 

Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers: Best for Travels

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Conair has a full size of rollers but this one is perfect and more ideal for travels. The compact case makes this easier to bring wherever you want to go. It comes with 20 rollers of multiple sizes and 20 stainless steel clips. The rollers are very grippy, ideal for people with slippery and smooth hair. It stays on, so you don’t have to keep on re-doing the rolls every now and then. It doesn’t take a long time to heat up and there is a red light indicator that will tell you when you can already use it. Just leave it there to do its thing and do other things like putting on your makeup while you wait for it to set. 

If you prefer heatless rollers, Conair makes foam type non-heating curlers that could give you the same curls, but it just takes more time.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter: Best for Everyday Use 

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We recommend this roller set to people with thicker hair. Since it remains stable even when you set it to its highest temperature, it is more ideal for curling thicker and more unruly types of hair. It retains heat for a long time as well, so you can get better results. Its far-infrared technology delves in the hair strands for more effective curling. Each set comes with 20 rollers. 

If you want to give your hair a break from hot rollers, try using heatless curlers like flexi-rods instead. It won’t be as quick, because you do have to wait at least a few hours, but putting them on is just as easy.

Best Round Brush for Blowouts 

A round brush is indispensable. It can help you get smooth and rounded edges to your hair and give more volume to your hair’s roots and body. With the right technique, you can even use a round brush to create soft waves. With a round brush, it is much easier to get shiny and smooth hair during a blowout without that flat and limp effect.  

Our Recommendation: 

Osensia Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

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We think this is the best one in the market because of its combination of ion-infused and ceramic technology. This is a perfect tool for people who are always on-the-go or for those who are always hard-pressed for time. It can cut down your hair styling time by half while helping you achieve salon-quality hair.

What sets this product apart is its ionic mineral bristles. They have antistatic and antibacterial properties that can make the hair look shiny. You don’t have to worry about damaged and fried-up hair.  You will also like their gentle massaging action. 

Round brushes are actually quite easy to use, even easier than a flat iron because you are brushing and styling your hair at the same time. The end of the brush has a built-in pin that makes sectioning hair a lot easier. You only need this tool to style your hair. It has an ergonomic and non-slip handle as well for a perfect grip. 

Best Hair Straightener for Curly Hair 

Perhaps the most basic hairstyling tool you would ever have in your arsenal is a hair straightener. If you like to sport a sleek and straight hair, you definitely would want to have this one in your must-have list. It tames frizzy hair and helps you manage imperfections. 

Hair straighteners are versatile. With the right techniques, you can create different hairstyles. You can use them to make big and small curls and waves. Just make sure you get one that will help prevent heat damage. If you expose your hair to too much heat, it can get dry, damaged and brittle. 

Our Recommendation: 

InfinitiPro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

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We like this hair iron better for curly hair because of its floating plates. The 1-inch floating plates are more capable of holding the hair strands and infusing more heat. And since the plates are longer than your average hair straightening tool, it covers more hair, thereby cutting down the amount of time it takes to style your hair. Speaking of time savings, it also heats up quickly. In just 15 seconds, it is ready to be used, perfect for people who are always on the go. 

It has tourmaline ceramic technology that can tame frizziness and keep flyaways at a minimum without inflicting heat damage. Another thing that is great about this is that it doesn’t get too hot and doesn’t lose heat in the middle of the styling process. The heat remains stable. 

Best Flat Iron Straightener that Won’t Burn Hair 

What sets hair straighteners apart is their ability to protect the hair from heat damage. You know how notorious these tools are when it comes to inflicting heat damage. If you already have thin and unhealthy hair prone to breakage, you definitely don’t want to subject it to even more damage. This is where flat iron straighteners with hair protective benefits come in. 

There are new technologies today such as tourmaline technology that gets the job done but without frying your hair. If this is found in the flat iron you are using, you can get a smoother and healthier-looking effect. 

Our Recommendation: 

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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There is no doubt that this tool does what it is supposed to do – straighten hair and allow you to do a variety of hairstyles like flipped, wavy or curly hair. But one remarkable thing about this tool that sets it apart from all the others is its micro sensors. The 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors incorporated in this tool helps in keeping the temperature even and well-distributed, in order to get desired results in as few passes as possible, so your hair isn’t subjected to too much heat. 

You can control how low or high the heat setting should get, so if you want the least damage, you can go for the lowest setting. The plates are also made from a combination of crystals and ceramic materials, which are helpful in sealing moisture in and creating a shiny but healthy hair. 

Best Hair Straightener Brush 

Do you want to style your hair but hate all the process that goes with it? First, you have to dry your hair after washing it. Then you need to comb and detangle it to make sure that the flat iron will pass over your hair without snagging. After that, you need to apply a heat-protective product and then you need to section your hair. Next comes the hair straightening process. It can take you forever to finish. 

If you are looking for an easier way to style your hair, get a hair straightener brush. It cuts to the chase and enables you to get shiny, volumized, straight, and smooth hair without going through all the processes mentioned above. 

Our Recommendation: 

MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

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This has garnered rave reviews for a reason. It doesn’t just give you healthy, shiny and soft-looking hair, it does that without you going through so much trouble. 

This tool is chock-full of useful features such as its auto temperature lock that prevents the heat from spiking, so you can avoid scalding your scalp. The auto off function also ensures that the tool will automatically shut off when it is idle for 60 minutes. In case you forget to turn it off, it will shut off on its own to avoid electrical fires. 

It is incredibly user-friendly. If you have had no prior experience to using hair tools, this is the perfect choice for you. You just turn it on and then use it like you would a regular hair brush. The 360-degree swivel power cord also makes it easier to operate. It can reach the back of your head with no issues. 

Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair 

One of the things that people with thick hair complain about is how long it takes for them to style their hair. That can take ages, especially if your thick hair is unruly and doesn’t respond to hair styling that easily. If this is what you deal with on a daily basis, get yourself a flat iron intended for the use of people with thick hair. 

You should look for a flat iron with longer and thicker plates, so that it can accommodate more hair strands for a faster ironing process. Make sure it can also be set at a higher temperature to bend your hair to your will. 

Our Recommendation:

Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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We like this because of its thick 1.75-inch floating plates that are made from titanium. They are perfect for people with thick hair. You can set the temperature to up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature should be just right to achieve the results you are looking for. It is easy to use. You can reach the back of your head easily with the swivel cord function. 

Best Ceramic or Titanium Flat Iron 

If you are going to buy just one hair iron, let it be one incorporated with ceramic or titanium technology. It is the best technology for your hair as it can prevent heat damage. It also helps you achieve smooth, frizz-free and soft hair. 

Our Recommendation: 

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

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There are a lot of ceramic tourmaline flat irons out there but none as good as this one. The ceramic tourmaline flat irons are 100% true, so you can really get the best benefits. Aside from that, it also features infrared heat technology to seal in the heat and help you get straighter hair minus the damage. The plates are also versatile and can accommodate both thick and thin hair. 


Find the best hairstyling tool that is suitable for your needs and your hair type and you will be able to make your morning hair styling routine easier and less stressful. Find more reviews of hair dyes, treatments and tools on our homepage.

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