Best Round Brush For Blowouts: Reviews Of Our Favorite Tools To Use

Best Round Brush For Blowouts

A round brush makes blow-drying easier.

It helps create more volume so you won’t be blow-drying your hair flat and limp. When choosing a round brush for blowouts, you would want those that can comb through your hair easily, has a nice and ergonomic handle, and will help you create the volume you are looking for.

We have these things in mind when we searched for the best round brush for blowouts. Keep on reading to see which ones fit our criteria.

Best Round Brush for Blowouts Reviews

These are the round brushes that will help make blow-drying your hair easier:

Product Details
1. Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush

Best All-Round Choice

  • Price: $$$
  • 4.25" Diameter Perfect for Adding Extra Volume
  • Lightweight, Heats Up Fast & Retains Heat
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2. Xtava Natural Double Bristle Hair Brush

Most Affordable

  • Price: $
  • 44mm (1.73") Diameter
  • Boar Bristles & Ergonomic Wooden Handle
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3. Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

Great for Short Hair

  • Price: $$
  • 2" Diameter
  • Tourmaline Ionic Effects Keeps Hair Soft & Smooth
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4. Osensia Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

Snag-Free Design

  • Price: $$
  • 2" Diameter
  • No Seams To Snag or Pull Your Hair
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5. Fagaci Round Brush for Blow Drying

Works on Moist Hair

  • Price: $$
  • 43mm (1.70") Diameter
  • Boar Bristles For Effective Detangling
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They may look similar but they have unique features.

1. Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal

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The largest barrel brush in the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion round brush collection, this has 4.25 inches in diameter that is great for people who are looking for more volume. The barrel has a ceramic coating that allows it to heat up faster when exposed to the heat of your blow dryer. It also retains heat faster, for more effective volumizing or curling effect.

This brush features tourmaline ion technology that works in removing frizz and prevents flyaway. This technology is one of the most effective when it comes to giving more shine to the hair. The brush also features larger holes where the bristles are in order to improve airflow and to make styling a lot easier.


This product has the largest barrel size in this list. We recommend this size if you are after more volume and you want to make quick work of styling your hair. This size accommodates more hair, which helps make blow drying easier and faster.

The patented design enables easier handling. It has a comfort grip that is ergonomic, so even if you use it for extended periods of time, it won’t tire your hands out.

It is lightweight. Again, this contributes to the fatigue-free benefit of this round brush.

It doesn’t snag like other round brushes out there.

It does what it is supposed to do, which helps in preventing flyaway. Your hair is always soft, bouncy and shiny after every use.

You would think that this being a bigger round brush is more difficult to use, but it is actually fairly easy and simple to use.

The tips get rid of tangles but they don’t hurt the scalp. They are softer than your regular round brush and even has anti-static benefits.

Many users said this did not require “breaking in”. They did not need to warm it up to make it softer. It was comfortable and easy to use from the start.

There is no annoying hair pulling with this brush.

It does a great job straightening the hair. It is almost like using a hair straightener.

The sectioning pick is retractable.


Some said it is a bit on the flimsy side. There were those who had issues with the sectioning pick coming off after impact.  

2. Xtava Natural Double Bristle Hair Brush

44mm Xtava Natural Double Bristle

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This 44 mm round brush is one of the least expensive brushes out there. But even though it is inexpensive, it still has quality and functionality that can give the more expensive brushes out there a run for their money. The size of this barrel brush is just right, whether you want to achieve wavy hair or straight hair.

Featuring nylon brushes that work in combing through tangles and shorter anti-static bar pins, this is what you need to bring more shine to your hair. The wooden brush feels ergonomic and stays cool even when exposed to the heat of the hair dryer.


The boar bristles of this brush do not just work in making the hair straight but also softer and smoother. It has a natural conditioning effect. It also supposedly works in treating dry hair.

It has denser bristles compared to other round brush. The sizes of the bristles also vary, effectively catching smaller hair that might not have been caught by the longer ones.

Did not wash your hair? Not a problem. This round brush effective eliminates build-up on the scalp. It also helps distribute oils released by the hair so you can get more shine and luster.

The boar bristles are natural. If you like natural materials, this will appeal to you.

It is not heavy on the budget. Since it is affordable, you can get two or more of this.

Many people with long hair liked this brush. They said it did not get stuck in the hair. It just glides through.

It feels well made. It has a nice grip to it.

The bristles are also firm, so it has a massaging effect.


The bristles, being natural, tends to come off.

3. Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

Cricket Technique Barrel XX- large round

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With a thick 2-inch brush diameter, people with thick and long hair can rely on this to style their hair. Achieve straight or wavy hair with this one. It heats up easily for better styling results. The bristles have anti-static features so you can say goodbye to frizziness and flyaways.

This round brush also has tourmaline ionic benefits, meaning it keeps your hair shiny and smooth. There is a sectioning pick at the base that can be used to easily section your hair while styling it. No need to go back and forth to a sectioning comb.


It has dense bristles that effectively detangle the hair. It doesn’t snag in the hair so you can comb through it without issues.

Using this always results to soft, shiny and frizz-free hair. It does not cause the hair to become static. The hair looks healthy and moisturized after using this one.

The bristles also have antibacterial features, so you don’t have to worry about scalp dermatitis when using this one.

It has a rubber grip, great for people with sweaty palms. It won’t slip.

Some users said they like the metal part where the bristles are embedded because it acts as a straightener.

There is a pick at the handle you can use to easily section your hair.

Some like the heavier feel of this brush. They said it fees more substantial and not at all flimsy.

Those sporting bob haircuts said this is the best round brush they have ever tried.

If you have fine hair, you will like this one compared to the boar brushes out there. It doesn’t damage the hair and you can infuse more volume to the hair.

It creates volumized hair that lasts all day.

This brush is very affordable.


There were those who said they found the bristles too stiff.

4. Osensia Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

Osensia Professional Round for Blow Drying

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Style your hair effortlessly with this 2-inch ceramic barrel brush. It has thermal properties that draw the heat from the hair dryer and distributes it evenly for more effective drying. The negative ions that have been infused in this round brush keep the hair nice and shiny. It also prevents static and keeps bacteria at bay.

One interesting design feature of this brush is its seamless design. There are no seams that will snag or pull your hair. It is also lightweight enough to use for a prolonged period of time without suffering from hand fatigue.


It makes quick work of drying your hair. Best of all, it gives your hair a nice shine and softness to it.

This is what you need if you are looking for more volume.

Unlike the other round brushes, this one has a seamless design, so it prevents snagging. It prevents it from catching hair strands.

There are big holes in it to allow for more effective air flow.

The bristles feature anti-static benefits, so you never have to deal with frizziness again.

It has anti-slip handles that make it easier to use.


It’s not the best when it comes to styling thick hair.

5. Fagaci Round Brush for Blow Drying

Fagaci Round Brush with Natural Boar Bristle

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This brush features boar hair for effective detangling. It also features negative ions that help keep the moisture in the cuticles, so you have nice and shiny hair all the time. The boar bristles also have a stimulating effect that helps in improving blood circulation. This stimulating effect may also work in enhancing hair growth.

The ceramic design of this round brush works even when styling moist hair. It has all the right features in place such as anti-static features and ergonomic handle.


There were those people with long hair who tried it and said it worked well for them. They did not experience snagging.

The boar bristles may seem intimidating but it actually helps in detangling the hair and infusing the moisture, so you get soft and shiny hair when using this.

The gripped handle is nice. It makes this easier to use.

Many said they find this easier to use than the other brushes they used.

This works even on thick and coarse hair.

Some said their hair looked like it has been styled at a salon.

It is light in weight.


Because it has boar bristles, it tends to be prone to shedding.

Which Round Brush for Blowouts is the Best Choice for You?

Best for People Who Need a Bigger Barrel: Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush. This has an edge over the others because of its size. If you have a longer hair, you will have an easier time drying your hair and straightening it out with the help of this round brush. It also has the ability to make the hair shinier and smoother, so if you are tired of the frizzy and flyaway effect of some hair dryers, this can be a good solution for that.

Budget-Friendly Choice: Xtava Natural Double Bristle Hair Brush. No busting the budget with this one. But don’t worry because it is still just as good as the expensive one, if not even better, according to some users. It still has a lot of good features in place – natural bristles, ergonomic handles, great softening effect – the works. You won’t be disappointed whether with the price or the features.

Great for Short Hair: Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush. The size of this round brush is just right for people with short hair. It doesn’t snag in the hair and creates smooth and soft results all the time. Best of all, it is also affordable so you won’t have a hard time buying this.

Snag Free Design: Osensia Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying. The seamless design of this round brush ensures that it will not snag in your hair. It also has a nice anti-slip handle, so it is easy to use. You will also like how lightweight this is.

Works Even on Moist Hair: Fagaci Round Brush for Blow Drying. Got no time to dry your hair completely? Make sure you consider this one. It is one of the hair brushes that work on moist hair. It helps dry up your hair minus the frizz. It is also thick enough to work even on coarse and thick hair.

So, which of these tools is our ultimate favorite? We think you are better off spending a bit more money on the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush. It might be a little more expensive than the others but it makes up for it with its quality. It also has excellent results. You can get soft, smooth and volumized results all the time.


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