Best Diffuser for Curly Hair: Reviews of All Our Favorites

best diffuser for curly hair

A hair diffuser has a lot of uses including keep curls bouncy tight and prevents hair from turning frizzy. This tool can be bought separately but it can also be included in your hair drying kit. We searched for the best hair diffusers out there based on efficacy, ease of usage, durability and price. Find out below which one we recommend.

Best Hair Diffuser Reviews

These are the hair diffusers you should try getting:

Each of these products have something different to offer. Find out what their features are below:

1. Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser

Xtava Black Orchid Large

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Cut down your hair drying time with this hair diffusing tool with a large design. Because it has more vents, it works faster in drying even thick and long hair. From the roots to the tips, it is exposed to consistent airflow, thereby cutting down your morning hair styling routine.

This hair diffuser features silicone grips that effectively attaches to the nozzle of your hair dryer. It has a mixture of fiberglass and plastic material, so it should be capable of withstanding higher temperatures. Even when drying your hair to a temperature of up to 485 degrees Fahrenheit, it won’t melt. This product has a 360 degrees airflow that works evenly volumizing and diffusing your hair.



This product creates bouncy and tight curls. It is capable of retaining curls by as much as 31%. You can also rely on this to get rid of the frizziness of your hair.

You should have no problems attaching this tool to your blow dryer. It attaches easily and it holds its attachments even if you use it roughly.

It is larger than standard diffusers out there, so it is capable of holding more hair, thereby cutting down your drying time. If you want to make quick work of drying and styling your hair in the morning, this should be an ideal product to buy.

The ends also have vents, so it works in drying the roots of the hair as well.

It fits with most hair dryers, thanks to the detachable ring. You should have no issues fitting it with your trusty hair dryer.

It has a 360 degrees air vent, so this should work in evenly drying out your hair. There are no damp spots that you have to go back to.

This seems to have a good build. Many said they use it every day, but it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear.


Some said it gets hot to the touch, so you would want to be careful when using it.

2. Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser

Hairizone Universal

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This hair diffuser has a bowl size of 6 inches that effectively works in holding more hair. The 211 air holes integrated in it helps in speeding up the hair drying time and allowing more even distribution of heat. This can cut down your drying time by as much as 40%.  

It has a nice and streamlined design with long fingers to provide a gentle massaging action. It is one of the best out there when it comes to compatibility, so you can bring this with you anywhere you go. You can use it with hotel blow dryers. It fits with 90% of hair blowers out there. This product should withstand harsh usage, thanks to its durable PC material. It is not just resistant to fire, it also has water-resistant properties.


This has lockable buttons, so you can truly keep it in place without worrying that it will slide off while using it.

The design is simple and streamlined, making this an ideal product to bring with you on your travels.

It has a large and expansive design that will be able to accommodate more hair, so you can significantly cut down your drying time. It also has more air vents compared to standard hair diffusers out there, further contributing to its fast drying time.

It doesn’t have a rubbery or chemical odor unlike other hair diffusers.

It has a more universal fit. Many people said they have yet to find a hair dryer that doesn’t work with this one.

The fingers stick out a little, but this is a good thing because it prevents longer hair from getting all tangled up.

It has a more affordable price tag, so if you are on a budget, you should find this a fitting choice.


Some said it doesn’t have the sturdiest fit. They said they experienced some wiggling.

3. The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

The Curly Co. Collapsible

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Bring this hair diffuser everywhere with you. It can be the perfect companion for your travels because it is collapsible. It won’t take up a lot of space in your bag. This is made from a silicone construction that allows it to shrink or stretch as needed. And with its 5.25 inches of diameter, it is not clunky to bring with you on your travels.


This is one of the most affordable hair diffusers out there. It won’t break the bank, so get this if you are on a budget.

Aside from the fact that it really helps keep the curls up, this product also produces long-lasting results. There were those who said their second-day hair still looked as great as the first day.

It has a good construction. This product doesn’t easily succumb to damages.

The collapsible design is very convenient to use. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It also does not collapse while using it, so that is one less thing to worry about.

The snug fit also ensures it stays in place while working on your hair. It fits with most sizes of hair dryers as well.

It is still big enough to accommodate more hair. You can speed up the hair drying process with this one.

This product is lightweight as well.


People with thicker hair have more trouble using this hair diffuser. You can still dry your hair effectively, but it might take some time if you use this one.

4. Segbeauty Travel Hair Diffuser

Segbeauty Travel Portable Collapsible

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Another collapsible hair diffuser you can get is this one from Segbeauty. It is a bit more expensive than the previous collapsible model and also more expensive than the first two products. Made from a sturdy silicone material, you should be able to collapse it any time you want and not worry that it will wear out faster. It gives your hair that much-needed volume and also keeps frizz at bay.

This product stays cool to the touch, even when using temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a filter net that prevents your hair from snagging. This is also a hair diffuser that you can use with essential oils to infuse more moisture into the hair.


This product can be collapsed for easier transport. It takes up a small space, thanks to its Smart Folding Design.

Its strong silicone material gives this added durability. You can collapse it repeatedly without inflicting significant damage to it.

Unlike other hair diffusers, this one has a filter that you can detach. It prevents dirt from getting its internal mechanisms. You can also remove the filter and wipe it clean.

It has a fairly large size. You can dry up more hair, which means it shortens the amount of time it takes to dry up your hair.

Since it is collapsible, you can take it with you anywhere. Many people have tried taking it for their international travels and did not have issues with it.

This product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

It really works in keeping hair tame. It took care of the frizziness without taking away the hair’s natural volume.  


Although it can fit most standard hair dryers, it is not universal, so it is still important to check its size and specifications just to make sure it will fit.

5. BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser

BestTrendy Professional Universal

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This product has a unique 3-silicone non-slip pads that stop it from leaving scratches on your hair dryer’s nozzle. It has an auto lock and release button that makes it easier to connect and take out. This fits hair dryers with 1.4 inches to up to 2.7 inches of nozzle diameter. With its lockable buttons, you can be assured that this hair diffuser will stay in place.


You never have to worry about bringing a hairdryer again. This hair diffuser has a universal fit, so it should work with hotel hair dryers.

It has a slimmer profile compared to the previous ones. It is not collapsible, but it is compact enough to bring with you even when traveling.

It can be easily locked in place. It doesn’t budge even when you use it roughly.

The airflow of this hair diffuser is commendable. It does a good job in drying thicker hair.

This product is well-made. It actually holds up well against a lot of abuse.

It heats up quickly and also has a good heat distribution.

The easy release button makes this easier to take out.


There were those who said they got a product with sharp unfinished edges. You need to be careful because these edges could cut your fingers.

Which Hair Diffuser Should You Get?

Large Shape and Fast Drying Time: Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser. Do you want to cut down the amount of time you spend drying your hair? Get this one then. It has a larger design than the standard ones out there and has more fingers and more air vents, thereby shortening the amount of time it takes to dry up your hair. It is simple to attach to your hair dryer and shouldn’t be difficult to use. This is a great buy for everyone who has a busy lifestyle or who has thicker or longer hair that tends to dry longer.

Has a Universal Fit: Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser. This is a great diffuser to get for traveling because it has a universal fit. It locks easily and works well in keeping the hair frizz-free. Like the previous one, this product also speeds up the drying process because it has more air vents. It also prevents tangling, which can happen to people with long hair.

Inexpensive and Collapsible: The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser. The collapsible feature of this hair diffuser makes this a great choice for traveling. It does a fairly good job in drying the hair, although it might not compare to the speed and efficiency of the previous ones. But as a portable diffuser that you can bring with you anywhere without it taking up so much space in your bag? This is a winner.

Stays Cool to the Touch: Segbeauty Travel Hair Diffuser. Here is another travel-friendly hair diffuser that has a collapsible feature. It is made from a sturdy silicone material, so you can still expect this to last for a long time. It is slightly more expensive than the previous models and doesn’t have a universal design but for its overall performance, it is still worth buying.

Easy to Use: BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser. This product can be easily placed and taken out of the hair dryer. While it is bereft of awesome features, it does have a lot of basic features that make drying hair a lot easier. It still distributes heat evenly and has durable functionality that ensures this will last for a long time.

It’s not impossible to get great curl definition without a diffuser, but having one makes it so much easier. Get the best diffuser for curly hair to create the best results.


A hair diffuser can only do so much in managing your hair. You would still want to make sure that you are using the best hair care products. Do check out our homepage for more information on the best hair care products to get. Check out our reviews of all the best hair styling tools here!

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