How to Use a Hot Air Brush: Easy Styling Guide

how to use hot air brush

how to use hot air brush

Are you tired of using multiple tools to dry, straighten, and curl your hair? If you learn how to use a hot air brush, you can cut your hair styling time and you might even end up loving it more than your other go-to tools.

Hot air brushes aren’t exactly new on the market, but for some reason, they aren’t always as popular as hair straighteners and curling irons. It might be because not everyone knows how to use them, but you’ll feel much more confident trying them out after reading this guide.

Before we dive in, though, it’s important to mention that a hot air brush has multiple uses. It can straighten hair or help you achieve gorgeous, voluminous curls. 

Also important to note is that a hot air brush is not as powerful as a regular blow dryer and should be used on damp hair only, not wet or dry hair. 

Now, let’s see how to properly use this tool to achieve the desired results.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush to Straighten Hair

Are you ready to learn about using a hot air brush styler to straighten your hair? Let’s start with the basics. 

This tool comes as a round brush or as a paddle-shaped air brush. If your purpose is straightening, the better alternative is a paddle-shaped brush; however, you can achieve the hairstyle you want with a round brush as well. Yes, you might notice a slight curve to your tips, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in a paddle-shaped tool if you already own a round one.

Just follow these steps, and you’ll achieve a sleek, gorgeous, straight mane with ease: 

1. Wash & Condition

Wash and condition your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. If you want super-sleek and smooth hair but with extra volume, you should go for volumizing products.

2. Let It Dry

Let your hair air dry and wait for it to be 80% dry before you start styling it. Another way to go is to towel-dry your hair. Brushes that use hot air flow give the best results when used on damp hair.

3. Apply Heat Protection

Since hot air brushes release hot airflow, you have to apply a heat-protecting product before straightening. Healthy hair should be your priority; that’s why you shouldn’t skip this step.

4. Divide into Sections

Comb your hair and divide it into four or five sections. Pin each one with a clip.

5. Put the Hot Air Brush into Action

Turn your hot air brush on and choose the temperature setting that’s most suitable for your hair type. Always use a clean straightening brush to protect your hair and scalp.

One of the great things about this tool is that it’s suitable for daily use and for people with damaged, thin hair. In addition, hot airflow is less damaging than heated plates.

Now release the first section and get small strands of hair. If you opt for big strands, not all parts of the hair will get heated, and it will take longer for you to achieve the silky, smooth hairdo you’re looking for.

Apply the brush as close as possible to the roots of the hair, then slowly move it toward the tips. If you want extra volume, make sure to lift the roots with the brush. Then, repeat the same steps for the rest of the sections.

For the ultimate results, it’s best to start with the bottom sections and finish off with the top sections in the front.

6. Secure the Hairstyle

Finish off with a few drops of hair oil.  

How to Use a Hot Air Brush to Curl Hair

A hot air brush is another excellent solution if you’re not a fan of using a curling iron for fabulous curls. Unfortunately, getting luscious locks is not going to be an option with a paddle-shaped tool; therefore, you’ll have to get a round hot air brush.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush to Curl Hair

Create your new, fabulous do using the following steps:

1. Wash & Condition

Wash and condition your hair with your preferred products.

2. Let It Dry

Let the hair dry to around 80% before you use the hot air brush.

3. Protect the Hair

Apply a heat-protecting spray to prevent damage.

4. Divide into Sections

Divide your hair into four or five sections and secure them with clips.

5. Put the Hot Air Brush into Action

Release one of the bottom sections in the back and divide it into smaller hair strands. Apply the small section with the tips on the round brush, then slowly wrap the hair around it, moving the brush away from your face.

Once you get to the roots, wait for about 20 seconds and release the hair. Repeat the same steps for the remaining sections. Style the top front parts last.

If you have a hot air brush with a cooling feature, you can apply cold air at each strand for five seconds after the hot air. That way, your hairstyle will last longer, and the curls will be even more luscious.

6. Secure the Style

Spray a few spritzes of hairspray to secure the hairstyle.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush on Short Hair

Hot air brushes are the perfect way to give your short hair that extra ‘oomph’ and volume. However, short manes can be a bit trickier to style; hence, you should pay attention to choosing the right tool. Opt for hot air brushes with a small barrel that will reach the roots of your hair, giving it a lift.

Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Wash & Dry

After washing your hair with your favorite shampoo, use a towel to dry it. Wait until the hair is 80% dry before you start styling it.

2. Apply a Heat Protecting Product

Since hot air brushes work with heat, protect your hair with a heat-protecting spray, especially if you have fine hair.

3. Divide It into Sections

Divide your hair into several sections and pin each one with a clip.

4. Put the Hot Air Brush into Action

The next step is to start working on your new hairstyle with the hot air brush. Release one section and start taking small strands of hair. It’s best that you begin styling from the back bottom parts and slowly make your way to the front.

Position the hot brush right at the root of the strand so that you can get that lift. Then, start moving the brush slowly toward the tips and repeat the process for each section.

If you want to add soft curls to your ends, the best choice is a round hot air brush. Wrap the ends around the brush and wait for 10 seconds before you release.

5. Secure the Hairstyle

Use a hair spray to finish off the look.

FAQs on Hot Air Brushes

How does the hot air brush work?

A hot air brush uses heated airflow to straighten or curl your hair. This tool acts as a blow dryer, a hair straightener, and a curling iron, depending on which style you want to achieve.

When you move the brush through the strands of your hair, the hot airflow will dry it while also straightening or curling. At the same time, it significantly lowers the damage a heated plate can cause, because your hair won’t be in direct touch with a plate. Instead, it will only be treated with heated air.

Can I use a hot air brush on dry hair?

Technically, yes, you can. However, it’s recommended that you use a hot air brush on damp hair because it’s more effective and less damaging. These tools are designed for damp hair, not dry or wet.

There is a way to style your dry hair with a brush, but in that case you should look for a brush with ceramic plates. It’s a brush that has an effect that’s similar to hair straighteners and leaves dry hair straight, silky, and smooth.


Using a hot air brush is an effortless way to style your hair and an excellent multi-purpose tool for various hair lengths. If you’re looking for a new hair tool that will take care of your messy do within minutes and will dry, straighten, or curl your hair, then you should consider a hot air brush.

The straightening and curling guides above are a great way to start for anyone who’s new to hot air brushes. If you have short hair and are hesitant about whether this tool will work for you, we also included a step-by-step guide to help a girl out. 

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