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Here at All About the Gloss (AAG), we believe that with the right tools and products and a little bit of knowledge and technique, you can be your own hair and makeup artist — and with fabulous results! Yes, doing it all on your own can be challenging, but it’s oh-so-empowering.

All About the Gloss is a resource for women and girls of all ages so they can find accurate and informative tutorials and articles on hair, makeup, and all things beauty, all in one place. 

Who We Are

As one of the largest information portals on beauty, we take our responsibility to provide helpful and accurate information very seriously. All the articles published on our website are well-researched and written with care, and all the details we provide are backed with high-quality references.


Our editorial team, which includes editors, proofreaders, photographers, and fact-checkers, has several years of experience producing high-quality and informative content for numerous websites. These are all talented professionals who live and breathe fabulousness.

All About Our Team

Chauncey Morgan — Founder

Chauncey Morgan
Chauncey Morgan is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist based in New York and is in demand all over the country. Chauncey has a wealth of experience in all aspects of beauty and makeup. Chauncey grew up in a family of fashion professionals with her mother working in the fashion industry as a hair and makeup artist.

She herself started working in fashion at a very young age as her mother’s assistant. Working with her mother helped nurture her passion and talents as a makeup artist and hairstylist. As a fashion hairstylist, Chauncey gained experience in fashion makeup, red carpet makeup, advertising makeup, and film hair and makeup.

Currently, Chauncey is a focused and creative makeup artist and hairstylist who takes control of every task she undertakes. Her passion for helping women look beautiful and feel confident all day long is what drives her every day. And thanks to her several years of experience working in the fashion industry, Chauncey can provide you with a look that will help you achieve what you need.

Her knowledge about hairstyling, makeup, and fashion make her a versatile professional who can make any woman look confident and feel great.

You can reach Chauncey via email at chauncey@allaboutthegloss.com.

Tracy James — Contributor

Tracy James
Tracy James has over 10 years of experience as a hairstylist and fashion writer. She started working as a hairstylist immediately after school. And by the time she was 20 years old, she had opened a beauty salon in Clinton town where she worked with her older sister.

Her passion for writing began when she was in high school, where she contributed to the fashion column of the school paper. Tracy has published several high-quality articles in numerous fashion magazines over the years. Her experience in the beauty industry has made it possible for her to sample numerous makeup and hair products.

Tracy has also used a wide range of products on her clients in the past; therefore, she knows which product works with which type of skin or hair.

Other than writing, Tracy also loves nurturing young and upcoming hair stylists in her beauty shop and has trained some of the best hairstylists in her hometown.

You can reach Tracy via email at tracy@allaboutthegloss.com.

Lorna Briggs — Contributor

Lorna Briggs
Lorna Briggs has been working as a makeup artist for over 11 years now. Lorna loves beauty and has always advised and even helped her sisters and girlfriends on how to take care of their skin. She started doing makeup on herself while young and taking close-up pictures to see how her work looked on camera. Soon afterward, she was putting makeup on anyone who could sit still for an extended period.

After school, she managed to work with the local fashion designers in New York as a makeup artist. Lorna believes that beauty is everywhere and in everyone; therefore, she is always ready to help people take care of their skin and put on makeup. Her passion for skincare and teaching people how to put on makeup and helping people find the right makeup for their skin is what made her a writer.

You can reach Lorna via email at lorna@allaboutthegloss.com.

Elizabeth Walsh — Social Media

Elizabeth Walsh
Elizabeth has more than 10 years’ experience as a social media manager. Elizabeth started freelancing as a social media person for several websites while still on campus. She even managed to set up a website for her father’s business and help market it online.

After graduating from college, she took a customer service course that helped her learn how to deal with people online and offline. Elizabeth worked as a relationship manager for the local bank before resigning and going back to do what she loves the most. Her passion for writing and helping people led her back to being a social media manager.

Currently, she is a social media manager and also a talented writer who loves helping other ladies enhance their beauty.

You can reach Elizabeth via email at elizabeth@allaboutthegloss.com.

All About Our Goals

We know that taking care of your hair and applying makeup is both a science and an art; therefore, we will help you find better and simpler ways for enhancing your beauty and maintaining your hair. Technology is always changing, and new products and equipment are introduced in the market every day. Our team of researchers and writers will always make sure they present you with any innovative hair curling or styling idea and also help you understand it better.

We strive to produce content that is easy to read and fun. We will break every topic into numerous understandable sections that are quite easy to understand. Every page will feature actionable and useful information and, where necessary, add videos to demonstrate things better.

How to Contact Us

As a website devoted to makeup and hairstyling, we would really love to hear your feedback! You can reach us directly through our contact page and tell us what you liked about our articles and also how we can help you manage your hair.

You can connect with All About the Gloss team on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Come share photos and videos of how you transformed your hair and tell us what we can do to help women worldwide!

We are an open forum on hairstyling and makeup; therefore, we are always ready to hear from our subscribers and also share your stories on our platform. If you wish to have your story published on our website, you can reach us here or email us at writeforus@allaboutthegloss.com.

For general inquiries, you can reach us through our contact page.