Write For All About The Gloss

We are happy to accept guest blog posts on the hair niche.

We can’t guarantee that we will publish anything you send us, so please use the contact form below to send us some information about you, your website and what sort of article are you thinking about writing.

We would love to hear about you if you want to contribute writing about:

  • New perspectives on hair care and hair styling, trends and new products
  • How to do interesting stuff with hair
  • Wigs, hair extensions, natural hair care

We won’t accept:

  • Promotional, non-informative articles
  • Articles designed to build links to third party sites and little else
  • Articles that have been published elsewhere. We like articles on AATG to be unique and remain unique, so if they get published elsewhere we’ll delete them.
  • Articles with affiliate links
  • Bad quality content, spun content, things you wouldn’t like reading yourself or written by a machine
  • Articles that require extensive editing to be published. Grammarly is your friend.
  • Short articles under 800 words long or without at least one (licensed) image
  • Anything rude, racist, plain stupid or offensive. Also we can’t accept adult content or content that promotes drug use or gambling.
  • At this point we DON’T have a budget for paid contributors, so if you want to get paid there are many other better places to write for.

To submit a guest post email us at writeforus@allaboutthegloss.com.

If we agree to publish your article we will require a perpetual, non-transferable license to publish and edit the content exclusively to allaboutthegloss.com.

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