How to Blend Dark Roots with Blonde Hair — A Foolproof Guide

how to blend dark roots with blonde hair

I know that everyone who has ever colored their hair will agree with me when I say that the worst part of growing out a single-process color is the dark roots. They can be a real pain because there are not that many ways to make the darker, grown-out hair look nice. But never fear! One thing you can do to turn your dark roots into a blended, trendy style — a root shadow, or a shadow melt. In this guide, you’ll learn how to blend your dark roots with the rest of your hair at home!

Root touch-ups do not cost that much, and you can even go to a professional that will do them for you. A professional hairstylist will also know how to make that noticeable line between the colored hair and new hair go away without causing any additional damage to your hair. But you can also do that by yourself at home. In fact, blending roots is one of the easiest things that you can do by yourself!

If you have grown out roots that you want to blend with the rest of your hair, all you need to do is follow my simple step-by-step guide. By the time you get to the end of this guide, you will know exactly what you need to do to make your hair look as good as if it was professionally done. Without further ado, let’s get blending!


How to Blend Roots with Bleached Hair — Preparation

If you have a all-over bleached blonde color that is starting to grow out, there are two options for you to choose from — you can either bleach your roots or blend them with the rest of your hair.

Bleaching the roots does sound tempting, but it takes a lot more work to make them match the rest of your hair after the bleaching. This technique can be damaging to your hair, and I do not recommend it, especially because with the frequency of root touch-ups, all that bleach will damage your hair and burn your scalp.

What I would recommend is that you blend the grown-out roots into the rest of your hair. The blending technique is easier than bleaching. It does not require any strong bleach, and it is also a great starting point for those that want to grow their hair.

You really cannot go wrong with the blending — it is so easy to do by yourself. All you need are some protective gloves, a dye bowl, an application brush, and a coloring kit. The color you choose should match the natural color of your hair at the roots or be at least a couple of tones darker than the rest of your hair.

Take your time when choosing a hair color for the blending — choosing the right color will contribute to more of a natural look with a fading effect. Ultimately, that is what you want to achieve. When you have the coloring kit and all other equipment, you can get to the actual blending!


How to Blend Dark Roots with Blonde Hair — The Process

how to blend dark roots with blonde hair

You are now at the most important part of this guide. Before you break out the dye, throw on an old t-shirt that you will not miss if it gets stained during the coloring process, gather your products and equipment, and get started. Here are all the steps that you need to follow to blend your roots into your hair:

Step 1 — Prepare Your Hair

Your hair should be at least a few days removed from the last wash. Make sure that you do not have any product in it — hair masks and serums might lead to problems during the coloring.

Let your hair down, brush through it, and make sure that it is completely tangle-free. Once you do that, you can section it to make it easier to apply the color to all root areas.

Step 2 — Prepare the Color

Get the coloring kit and carefully read the instructions. Put on the gloves and mix the dye and developer into the dye bowl. You do not want to use the dye directly from the tube, as that will open up the possibility for spotting in your hair.

Mix the dye and developer using the brush. Make sure that they are mixed well before you start applying the mixture to your hair.

Step 3 — Apply the Color

Once the mixture of dye and developer is ready, you can start applying it to your hair Take a section and brush the hair color on that demarcation line between the blonde and your virgin color. Sweep the color up towards the roots and down towards the blonde part using the application brush. With the blending technique, you do not need to be precise and make one straight line across your hair — the more irregular the line, the more natural the final look will be. Remember you want to blend that demarcation line between the dark and the blonde, and not create another line.

It is these irregular lines that will help you create that blended, melted effect in your hair. Make sure that you do this coloring technique through all of your roots before you call it quits.

Step 4 — Let the Color Cook

Usually, the coloring kit instructions state exactly how long to keep the color on before you rinse it out. It should be anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes before you rinse your hair.

Step 5 — Rinse and Dry

Once your time is up, you need to thoroughly rinse your hair and make sure that there is no more color in it. Be gentle with the hair while washing it; use lukewarm or cooler water. You should also consider using shampoo and conditioner that are specially made for colored hair — they can help you preserve the shine in your hair for longer.

Finish your hair off by air drying it or blow-dry it on a low heat setting. In the future, you should try to keep away from hot tools as they can contribute to damage. It might be better if you find a natural way to straighten and style your hair.

Check out how YouTuber Mippyuix did hers.


FAQs on Blending Dark Roots

Before I wrap things up, I want to mention some common questions about this topic that you might find yourself asking. Here is some additional information on blending dark roots that you might find helpful:

How long does root touch-up last?

How long does root touch-up last?

Root touch-ups done with permanent hair color can last anywhere from three to six weeks, depending on the speed of your hair growth. If you choose to bleach your roots, you will need to retouch them every three to six weeks as well. However, if you blend them with the rest of your hair, you can also leave the hair to grow out without having to retouch it.

Can I put box dye on my roots?

Yes, you can put box dye on your roots if you want to blend them with the rest of your hair. However, box dyes are known to contain a lot of chemicals, and adding such a strong product on newly grown out hair can lead to damage and can hurt your scalp.

Consider consulting a professional hairstylist on what to use on your dark roots; they know the best way to color hair without unnecessarily damaging it.

How can I lighten my dark roots naturally?

While it may be tricky to blend dark roots by using natural ingredients only, you can absolutely make them lighter. You can use lemon juice in your conditioner or some apple cider vinegar to make your hair lighter. You can also use a hair mask made from baking soda and vitamin C for that same purpose.

If you are looking to permanently color the roots, you will be better off using a hair coloring kit that can last longer and give you better results. Then, you can use a hair mask of natural ingredients to feed your hair and make it healthier.

Blended Roots Have Never Looked So Good!

Whatever you do, do not leave your roots to just grow out without doing anything about the line between them and the rest of your hair. That is the worst possible solution and will make your hair look, well, not that good, to be honest!

If you want to make your hair look gorgeous, even professionally done, you should try bleaching or blending the roots. Follow the simple steps that I mentioned above on how to blend dark roots with blonde hair and you’ll have striking hair color that stands out!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks on blending dark roots. Do not hesitate to share them in the comments below — I look forward to reading them!

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