Hair Color Levels and Hair Dye Codes Guide

If you are a frequent DIY hair dyer you will have likely noticed that the boxes of hair dye all have a code. It is usually a number, a dot and then two more numbers, though sometimes letter are being used. This is the system used by hair color experts to identify hair...

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How To Fix Hair Dye Disasters At Home

The majority of people who dye their hair have, at some point or other, suffered from a hair dye disaster or other. If you are not keen on wearing a hat for the next few weeks or investing in a wig, learning how to fix hair dye disasters is your best course of action....

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How To Choose The Right Blonde For Your Skintone

An Experts Guide On Finding the Most Flattering Blonde For You Natural brunettes who want to go blonde are faced with a huge variety of choice. From ashy platinum to beach babe golden highlights, the right blonde for you is the one that matches your skin's undertones...

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Welcome To All About The Gloss!

AATG hair experts will help you figure out how to best treat and care for your hair. From removing brassy tones from blonde hair to choosing the right straightener for your hair type, we have everything hair covered.

How To Naturally Lighten Hair

Wondering how to naturally lighten hair? Yes, it is possible to lighten your hair and add some sun-kissed highlights without having to bleach it, and some of the solutions to get you the lighter tones you are after are sitting in your kitchen cupboard. Whether you are...

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How To Fix Greasy Hair

As much as some high fashion designers are doing their best to make greasy hair a trend, for the average human being having grease on their hair is nothing fashionable at all. If oily hair gives you nightmares, keep reading. Rebalancing your scalp is possible, and...

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Hair Falling Out? Check Out Why That Happens

And How To Stimulate Hair Growth Hair falling out without a reason can be worrying, even scary. Most people will lose about a hundred hairs a day, as part of the natural hair growth cycle. However, anything above this and you may be dealing with a hair loss problem....

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