how to stimulate hair growth

How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Healthy, thick hair has usually been considered a symbol of good health and beauty, and many people long for a longer and thicker mane. However, the speed at which hair grows and how long your hair can be depends a lot on genetics, but don’t despair: there are ways to stimulate hair growth and ensure …

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how to naturally lighten hair

How to Naturally Lighten Hair

Wondering how to naturally lighten hair? Yes, it is possible to lighten your hair and add some sun-kissed highlights without having to bleach it, and some of the solutions to get you the lighter tones you are after are sitting in your kitchen cupboard. Whether you are a naturally light brunette or a bottle blonde …

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how to fix greasy hair

How To Fix Greasy Hair

While some high fashion designers are doing their best to make greasy hair a trend, for the average human being having grease on their hair is nothing fashionable at all. If oily hair gives you nightmares, keep reading. Rebalancing your scalp is possible, and your hyperactive sebaceous glands can learn to take it easier, it …

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