When I first read about a horse shampoo that promotes hair growth called Mane’n’Tail I thought it was a joke. I have been looking for the best shampoo to stimulate hair growth for a while, so I have seen many hair growth shampoo reviews. But horse shampoo? That felt like a stretch. Also it felt like something I really should try. After all, there must be a reason why this sort of product would keep popping up on my research? And it turns out, horse shampoo for hair growth actually works.

Mane’n’Tail and Hair Growth

Mane’n’Tail is a very affordable shampoo that has been used in the equestrian world for ages. Yes, competition horses do have quite the hair routine to keep them looking their best! The Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner was developed for show horses. The manufacturer, Straight Arrow, created a unique formula with micro-proteins that helped restore damaged hair… and were surprised when they discovered horse carers were using the product on themselves with great results!

Mane'N'Tail Horse Shampoo Range

Then, horse owners started seeing their animal’s hair grow thicker and longer. And they started using it on themselves. The horse hair shampoo shampoo and conditioner had to leave hair shinny, soft and moisturised. Also it had to be safe for use on animals, which are more chemically sensitive than humans. In fact, Mane’n’Tail can also be used on dogs and cats. It is also not tested on animals, and cruelty free.

Mane’n’Tail Reviews

Before choosing to try horse shampoo for hair growth I checked the internet for reviews. While it is a top top rated hair growth shampoo, not all reviews were glowing.

I was concerned as some people said their hair dried up a lot, but I have seen that happen with other protein-heavy shampoos. Excess keratin can make your hair brittle; regularly using protein treatments on undamaged hair can make it feel dry. So I wouldn’t use Mane’n’Tail shampoo and conditioner every day if your hair doesn’t need the extra help. They also have a Deep Moisturising range if your hair is dry instead of damaged.

Most people who reported great results had chemically treated hair, or those with oily and damaged hair. It is not color-safe, so if you are looking for a shampoo to extend your hair color then you should choose the Color Protect range. If you have thick or frizzy hair you should see an improvement in texture. However, it is likely not to be great if you have dry, curly hair that needs extra moisture.

Reviews ranged from awesome to not for me, but overall people were very happy with the product.

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Trying The Horse Shampoo That Promotes Hair Growth

I was under no expectation that a shampoo and conditioner would make my hair grow faster. I hoped that horse shampoo would help repair damage and broken ends. This reduces the need to get a trim and so it does make my hair grow as long as it can.

So I did try and I was very pleased with the results, but I can’t say my hair growth increased miraculously. It did make my hair thicker and healthier at a fraction of the price of premium hair care brands. I was less convinced about the conditioner. In the end I alternated it with other more lightweight. But that was more a matter of preference; I do love my Aveda conditioners.

If you like shampoos with flowery smells or beautiful packaging, this one is not for you. It is, after all, a horse hair shampoo, and I doubt horses appreciate fragrance smells. The scent is something I usually identify with clean soap, nothing chemical about it. It makes your hair smell really clean and it’s definitely good if you have sensitivities to fragrance.

On that front, the ingredient list is awfully short. This is great if you are minimising the amount of chemicals you put on your hair every day. It is not an organic product, but it’s also not tested on animals, so it can be considered a vegan friendly shampoo.

The Mane’n’Tail range has now a wider range of products. However I tested the Original version, as it’s the first one they produced. They have more moisturising shampoos and conditioners and even hair straightening products. So I may try others in the range in the future to see if they suit my hair better. I am particularly interested in the herbal shampoo and conditioner.

Does mane and tail grow hair faster?

I am afraid it doesn’t do that. In fact, the speed at which your hair grows is defined by your genes. If you are looking for the best shampoo to stimulate hair growth and stave off thinning hair I would look at other brands. If you are suffering from excessive hair loss try this article to figure out (and correct) the causes. Horse shampoo for hair growth can help if your hair is not growing at its full potential.

Best Shampoo to Stimulate Hair Growth

If your hair is fragile and dry with split ends, you will never be able to outgrow the damage. That’s that’s where Mane’n’Tail helps hair growth by reducing split ends. If your hair is growing already at max speed, or you are looking for thickness, you won’t see dramatic results.

Pros And Cons Of Mane’n’Tail Horse Shampoo For Hair Growth

I have mixed opinions about this product, but overall the positives outweight the negatives for me.

The Pros

  • Very affordable, quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Relatively wide range of products for different hair needs
  • Clean smell
  • Top rated hair growth shampoo
  • Leaves no residue on hair
  • Makes hair feel less frizzy and damaged
  • Cruelty free: Not tested on animals.
  • You can share hair products with your dog or cat.

The Cons

  • It has a very plain feeling, no fragrance or a particularly nice texture
  • It can make hair brittle due to excess protein
  • The conditioner has lanoline, which makes it unsuitable for vegans.

Overall, I think it’s a good product at a very affordable price which is worth a try. However, I would look at your hair requirements and choose one of themany products in their range and not limit yourself to the original one only. When I was looking at purchasing horse shampoo for hair growth I wasn’t aware of the other products in the range. I now think the Original one wasn’t the best choice for me, despite giving me decent results.