Guide To The Best Hair Straightener For Curly Hair

A head full of curls can look stunning, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to switch things up a bit. Enjoying straight hair for a while is fun, but curly hair is delicate. Unless you choose a straightener that is suitable for curly hair, you can cause damage. The best straightener for curly hair will allow you to control temperature and straighten in as few passes as possible. This will prevent your curls being fried and breaking, but will also keep frizz at bay.

Wider plates allow for more hair being straightened at the same time, and used wisely can help speed up the task significantly. Keep reading for our top natural hair straightener brushes and flat irons, and what they can offer. Don’t forget your heat protection and treat your hair to a new pair of flat irons for curly hair with this guide.

The Best Hair Straightener For Curly Hair: What To Look For

  • Plates: Curly hair is very delicate and its surface is not as flat as that of straight hair. This means you need flat irons with ceramic or titanium plates so they will not snag. Both of these materials glide smoothly over curly hair and reduce the chances for damage.
  • Adjustable Temperature Controls: Depending on the thickness of your hair and how strong your curl pattern is, you will need to use a higher or lower temperature. For curly hair straighteners, the key is a controlled temperature that remains constants no matter how long you use the straighteners.
  • Size of the plates: Wider plates can straighten more hair in one go, and can be quicker to use. Smaller plates are perfect for small areas like your fringe. If you have curly and thick hair, you probably want to buy a wide plate flat iron.
  • To steam or not to steam: Technically not a flat iron, but L’Oreal Steampod and other steam straighteners are perfect for curly hair. They can condition at the same time as they straighten, and the steam makes dry curly hair more hydrated. They are however heavier and less portable.

Bio Ionic One Pass Straightening Iron

Sale $15.00
BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron, 1 Inch, Black
  • Silicone Speed Strips for faster straightening and increased shine
  • Instant heat up to 400 DegreeF/200 DegreeC and instant recovery
  • NanoIonic Mineral fused to cushion plates

This will help straighten your hair very fast. It will help your hair regain its silky look, well-conditioned texture, shine, and smoothness. It can help heal damaged and broken hair using a proprietary technology called nanolonic mineral on the plates. It has two tiny silocone strips on the side which grip hair and makes straightening quicker, without burning it. If your problem is dry, frizzy hair this flat iron is for you.

The Bio Ionic One Pass is actually a one pass iron on most heads, and that also helps reduce the damage. It has 4 temperature settings, so you will need to figure out which temperature works better for your hair texture (my advice is, as low as possible to get the job done). It goes up to 400F.

As an added bonus, this iron has curved edges, which means you can use it to create long, bouncy curls or even refresh the curl pattern on curly hair that has gone frizzy. As a bonus, it heats up really quick which makes straightening curly hair much quicker.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

This flat iron has rave reviews on Amazon for a good reason: It works really great at straightening your hair and you can set the temperature to the exact value that works for your hair. This is probably the best hair straighteners for curly hair if your hair has different textures and you are trying to minimise damage. Titanium plates make for really easy gliding and reduce hair damage further, helping you achieve a long lasting straight style with no frizz.

The digital display shows the temperature in degrees, which makes it much easier to control the heat. It also heats up really quick (10 seconds!) and basically has nothing to envy to the professional hair straighteners they use in hair salons. It has a long cord that makes it easy to move it around and it weights little, so it won’t tire your arms needlessly. It goes up to 450F, which is at the top end for flat irons.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron, 1-3/4"
  • Ultra-smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat and resist corrosion
  • Ceramic heater instant heat & recovery
  • LED temperature settings - up to 450 Degree

This flat iron makes use of titanium plates to produce a quality shine that makes your hair radiant and very healthy. The heating can be set to suit your hair type. It has a curved border, which means it can be used for straightening, curling and creating beach waves in straight or curly hair. The natural ions reduce frizz and the handle remains cool, which makes straightening hair much more comfortable. It is also wide enough that you can straighten natural thick hair quickly and with minimal damage.

In terms of temperature, it has 12 different settings going as high as 455F, which can be used for keratin bonding treatments at home. If you are considering straightening your hair with a brazillian blowdry at home, you will need an iron like this one so the keratin actually fuses with the hair. Technically this one is for professional salon use only, but Amazon sells it to regular consumers just fine.

ghd Platinum Professional Performance Styler

GHD Black Platinum - Tri-zone Straightener Flat Iron
  • Intelligent tri-zone technology maintains the optimum styling temperate of 365°F constantly and evenly from...
  • Wishbone hinge guarantees perfect plate alignment for ultimate control so you to create any style
  • Advanced, precision milled, floating plates with a high spec gloss finish, for effortless, perfectly smooth...

It’s an article about the best straightener for curly hair, so there is going to be a mention of ghd at some point or other. Yes, ghds are expensive, but they do the job really nicely as a natural hair straightener. The breakthrough tri-zone technology guarantees a constant temperature at 365F, allowing for even straightening in one pass, roots to tips. The wishbone hinge gives you a lot of control so you can bend the hair, curl and wave it as well as making it poker straight.

The plates are extremely smooth and glossy, which means it doesn’t snag and leaves perfectly smooth hair on its wake. It is suitable for all hair types, and the low temperature (relatively) means that you can use it with bleached or colored hair, or thin hair, without damaging it. As a bonus, the 2.7m swivel cord and the universal voltage makes it an ideal travelling accessory.

Now, on the negatives, this flat iron is a classic but the temperature is relatively low. So if you have very stubborn hair, it may not be enough to make it smooth. If you are not sure, it is worth checking if your hairdresser uses them, and asking for them to straighten your hair on your next visit.

Ghd Gold Max Styler

ghd Max Styler
  • Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
  • Professional Finish & includes Protective plate guard
  • 185º styling temperature with sleep mode

Cheaper than the Ghd platinum but still very good, the ghd Gold Max styler is great for thick and very curly hair. If your hair stubbornly resists being straightened, this could be the perfect hair straightener for you. The wide plates and smooth ceramic surfaces mean that you can do the job in less time, while the handling is easy with a swivel cord. It operates at 365°F which is the optimal temperature for straightening hair without frying it (but always use a heat protector even if you have naturally thick and curly hair that looks healthy).

Remington S7330 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener, 1 3/4 Inch, Black Hair Straighter

Sale $14.00
Remington 1¾” Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Plates, S7330A
  • 1 3/4" Ceramic + Titanium Plates - The straightening plates protect hair from heat damage
  • Unique Steam Vents - The unique steam vents safely remove water from damp hair, allowing you to dry and style...
  • 420°F High Heat - Get beautiful styles fast with constant high heat

This is a budget hair straightener that can be used on wet hair, so it both dries and straightens it. Don’t let the low price put you off, this ceramic plates straightener heats up in 30 seconds and it’s light and easy to use. It heats up to 420°F which is enough to straighten most types of curls, without damaging them. What makes it unique are the steam vents that allow hair to be straightened right out of the shower, so it saves you the intermediate step of blowdrying it which is necessary for most other hair straighteners. It also helps in killing bacteria in the hair healing the hair in the process. It helps to straighten your hair and shape it into the curly style you want.

Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Styler – Blush

Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Styler - Blush
  • Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Styler - Blush
  • Floating plates infused with Argan Oil
  • Auto shut off after 1 hour

This stylish straightener (it comes in several colours, such as green, coral or pink) and the plates are infused with Argan oil to keep your hair nourished while the straightening is taking place. It makes use of ceramic plates to produce straight, smooth, curvy and even beach waves. It is portable for you to take with you on the go. The power cord is 3m long, and it weights little so it’s perfect if you travel a lot as it uses dual voltage for international travel.

It heats up very quickly, and while it’s not the biggest and probably best suited for thin hair, it’s a really good buy particularly if you just want a budget straightener for special occasions that won’t burn off your hair.

Other Great Straighteners For Curly Hair

Cloud Nine Original Iron

Cloud Nine Original Iron
  • everything you need to make the most of your style
  • Suitable for all hair types, they use state-of-the-art temperature control technology, allowing you to create...

This hair straightener is of smaller size than most other hair irons. This makes it useful for people that are vacationing or are always on the go. They can be used on all hair types and are of ceramic origin. It helps to straighten and protect your hair.

Perfect as a gift because of the high quality packaging and rave Amazon reviews.

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron, 1 1/4-Inch
  • Ceramic, tourmaline and ionic
  • Variable temperature control with settings from 170F to 450F
  • Heats in 60 seconds

This is also a ceramic flat iron with tourmaline. It produces shiny and smooth hair. It glides smoothly through the hair and prevents fly aways.

L’Oreal Professional Steampod

L'Oreal Professionnel New Generation Steampod 2.0
  • New and imported Item, Delivery in 1-3 Weeks.
  • The Steampod 2.0 is a revolutionary hairstyling tool from L'Oreal Professionnel. A combination
  • comb spreads hair evenly along the plates Reaches heat of 140-210°C Adjustable temperature setting
 This is a unique hair straightener. It relies on steam to straighten the hair. It is very gentle to use and is faster than other hair straighteners. It causes no damage to your hair and makes the brilliance come out. We wrote an entire review about the Steampod which you can check as it goes into much more detail.

However, it is about double the price of many other straighteners so unless you have very damaged (or bleached) hair that requires extra love you may be better off with one of the others I recommend above.

As you can see, there are many options if you are looking for the best hair straightener for curly hair. Depending on your type of curl and the condition of your hair you should aim for straighteners that are more or less powerful. Higher heat means stubborn curls can be straightener quicker but it will damage your hair more. A smaller plate may be useful if you travel a lot, or have a fringe or layers which you want precise control over, whereas a wider plate is perfect to straighten curly hair quicker.

We always suggest you buy from a retailer that has a good returns policy so you can return anything not suitable. This is very important, because if straightening your hair becomes a hassle your brand new hair straightener will end up gathering dust on your wardrobe.

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